1. Slice of Paradise by MBrainspaz
    I started this painting because I knew I was going to lose this place (one way or another), and I needed a bit of it to keep with me. This painting isn’t about composition or fancy styles, it’s just a snapshot of a place I love. Standing out there on the driveway morning after morning, enjoying my coffee with my dog and the cat sitting at my feet, is an experience I wouldn’t have traded for anything.

    Acrylic on handmade 33”x30” canvas, 8 hours, plein air.

  2. awesomedigitalart:

    Emily by Tatchit

    normally I ignore wolf art (because I’m not interested in wolves and there are too many teenagers obsessed with drawing them), but this one has my name and is cute, so I’ll make an exception. 

  4. Perfect morning outside painting with my dog. <3

  6. archiemcphee:

    Today the Department of Awesome Parenting checks in on the work of Nina Levy (previously featured here), the Brooklyn-based artist and mother of two lucky sons who’ve been receiving beautifully illustrated napkins with their boxed lunches every day since 2006. Nina used waterproof markers and paint pens to transform plain white napkins into vibrant works of art and notes of affection and encouragement for her sons.

    Nina recently won the TUACA Liqueur Company’s napkin art competition for her entry featuring two lions enjoying a drink at a bar.

    Visit the Daily Napkins blog or Facebook page to check out more of Nina’s amazing illustrated napkins.

    [via Lost At E Minor and Bored Panda]

  7. awesomedigitalart:

    art by Kalen Chock

    blogspot - tumblr - deviantart