1. *Dramatic Mufasa Voice*— REMEMBER

    I remembered something today. I never wanted to be a Graphic Designer. I mean, it’s fun and all, but I always meant for it to support me while I chased after what really mattered—>painting and video. 
    Somewhere in the rush of getting classes done and finding a job and moving and trying to be a proper adult, I forgot about that. 
    And that’s scary.

  3. nargyle:

    I recently caved and bought myself a Cintiq 22”, and I’m liking it a lot more than I told myself I would. Here be some of my first monitor tablet draws!

  5. Wishing I had more work to do at work. Doodling in the mean time.
    Busier is always better.
    Anyway, enjoy this pseudo-Norse dragon wall art. It will probably crop up in my comic someday.

  6. anatomicalart:

    Let me link Yall’ to this holy grail.
    I present to you Character Design Reference
    on [Pintrest] || [Tumblr] || [Twitter] || [Facebook] || [YouTube]

    I couldn’t even include all of the reference boards this blog contains on this photoset. That’s right! There’s EVEN MORE! There are pages and pages of them! It is an inspiration treasure trove!
    Bookmark this link!
    Fill your life with inspiration!

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  7. Just a *hipster style* kind of edit before I go to bed. I got bored and I miss my dog and the horse that isn’t mine but I sure wish he was.

    These two mean the world to me. 

  8. toxicphox:


    A phenomenal *****-ton of arm references.

    (The last image is a GIF; wait for it to load.)

    [From various sources]

    Oh my sweet baby jesus

    Can we have one of these for woman arms too because I need that.

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